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    Journal of Police Medicine

    Owner & Publisher

    Directorate of Health, Rescue & Treatment of Iran Police Headquarter

    Chairman Dr. Yaghob Mansori
    Editor-in-Chief Prof. Anoshirvan Kazemnejad (CV)
    Executive Manager DR. seyed Majid Tabatabae
    Assistant Editor Dr. Saeed Safari


    English and Persian (bilingual)

    Publication Model

    Open Access


    Continuous Article Publication (CAP)

    Peer Review Model

    Single-Blind Peer Review
    Launch Date


    ISSN 2228-6241 
    e-ISSN 2283-3483 
    Digital Archive LOCKSS

    Scientific Support 1

    Research Center for Trauma in Police Operations

    Scientific Support 2 Research Center for Cognitive & Behavioral Sciences in Police
    Scientific Support 3 Research Center for Life & Health Sciences & Biotechnology of the Police
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    Journal of Police Medicine
    Print ISSN:
    Online ISSN:
    Hadi Shirzad
    Anoshiravan Kazemnejad
           Novel Explorations in Computational Science and Behavioral ...Academic and Scholarly Research Publication Center - Europub


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