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The Journal of police Medicine informs all readers and writers that with starting the 11th period (from the beginning of the year 2022) aiming to speed up the publication of articles and maintaining the half-life of scientific results and helping to provide faster articles for reading and citation, publication sequence has changed the order of publication of articles from quarterly to continuous publication of articles (CAP).
All accepted articles of this modern method of publication are published in one issue after completing the review, formatting and editing steps, and instead of sequential pagination of articles in one volume, each article has an internal pagination that starting from page 1. In addition, each article in a period has a unique Electronic location ID (elocation-id) that replaces the page number in the citation line. As a result, all articles have their complete and final citation information available when completing the production process.

Also, from the beginning of 2023 (Volume 12), the full text of all articles will be published in English as well as Persian.


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